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In previous years, the Wester Ross Fisheries Trust and subsequently the Skye and Wester Ross Fisheries Trust received support from many organisations, businesses and individuals. Please see WRFT Reviews and SWRFT Reviews. Thank you to all.

To date (April 2021), the new Wester Ross Fisheries Trust has been supported by the following:

  • EXTERNAL LINK: Fisheries Management Scotland
  • EXTERNAL LINK: Scottish Fisheries Co-ordination Centre
  • EXTERNAL LINK: Marine Scotland science
  • EXTERNAL LINK: The Crown Estate
  • EXTERNAL LINK: Atlantic Salmon Trust
  • EXTERNAL LINK: National Trust Scotland
  • EXTERNAL LINK: Middlesex University London
  • EXTERNAL LINK: William Grant Foundation

Please see our membership section if you would like to support our work. Members receive an Annual Review and 2 Newsletters each year (in future we aim to send as many as possible by email).

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  • WRFT Newsletter October 2023
    This newsletter provides a summary of work during the period March to September 2023 including sea trout sampling, juvenile salmon surveys and production, workshops and some other activities. .  Posted: 07/10/2023 (2.24MB)
  • Herring Fisheries & West of Scotland Herring Hunt
    Presentation by Dr Michelle Frost at the Wester Ross MPA Discovery Day in Ullapool on 14th October 2022. .  Posted: 08/11/2022 (4.47MB)
  • Finding Salmon and Sea trout around the Wester Ross MPA
    This presentation by Peter Cunningham introduces the main wild salmon rivers that flow into the Wester Ross MPA and describes some of the issues, including infestation by sea lice from poorly regulated open cage salmon farms, which threaten wild salmon populations and sea trout within the Wester Ross area. Can the wild salmon populations around the Wester Ross MPA be given additional protection?.  Posted: 27/10/2022 (11.01MB)
  • Welcome back to new WRFT_7MB
    This presentation (smartphone resolution) prepared for the relaunch of the 'new' Trust in April 2021 reviews wild salmon and sea trout in Wester Ross, some pressures they face, past work and support, and future objectives for WRFT. .  Posted: 13/04/2021 (6.73MB)
  • Welcome back to new WRFT_18MB
    This presentation (for computer) prepared for the relaunch of the 'new' Trust in April 2021 reviews the wild salmon and sea trout of Wester Ross, pressures they face, some past work and support, and future objectives for WRFT.  Posted: 13/04/2021 (17.66MB)
  • WRFT Review May 2009
    Wester Ross Fisheries Trust Annual Review, May 2009.  Posted: 19/05/2009 (4.82MB)