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SRDP Riparian Habitat Improvement Workshop 26th January

Posted: Tuesday 13 January, 2009 @ 17:35:59

Riparian habitat restoration enclosure in the River Ewe headwaters

WRFT has organised a workshop at short notice with John Robertson from FWAG (Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group), to find out about funding opportunities via SRDP (Scottish Rural Development Programme) for possible projects to improve habitats for salmon and sea trout within the WRFT area. The workshop is intended for those with an active interest in fisheries and land management within the WRFT area.


The workshop will take place here in the WRFT office (Gairloch) on Monday 26th January from 10am (for 10:30 start) and finish at 3:30 – 4pm.


The SRDP is now the main source of Scottish Government funding for a wide range of projects. There are many funding opportunities for actions which can potentially enhance production of juvenile salmon and trout. Some of you will already be familiar with some of the opportunities. If you have broadband, please click on the following link for ‘priorities for the Highland area’:


The workshop will cover the following:


1.       Brief review of habitat related problems and issues which relate to salmon and trout in Wester Ross, including those outlined in the WRFT Fisheries Management Plan (follow links at and how they can affect juvenile salmon and trout production (e.g. management of riparian areas, in-stream stability, fertility of streams,)

2.       An outline of the SRDP programme, focusing on the options which offer the best returns for landowners and fisheries managers.

3.       Some worked examples of hypothetical projects: to clarify our understanding of what the SRDP scheme can offer.

4.       Some basic training on how to find way around SRDP website and the application process.

5.       AOrelatedB


Levels of interest in developing any habitat projects to enhance fish production further will be clearer by the end of the workshop. There may be new ideas for projects. If there is strong interest in project development or other actions, one question which we will address is whether or not WRFT or FWAG or other, with agreement of all, could act as an agent to prepare group applications to progress a series of projects, rather than individual estates taking forward their own projects; this might provide greater cost-effectiveness.


All those who have an active interest in fisheries management within the WRFT area are invited to attend. We will provide lunch and refreshments. If there are in excess of 20 people we may relocate to another nearby venue. Please can you let us know by Monday 19th January whether or not you wish to attend.


If not able to make the workshop, but would like to find out more, please contact us.  


The workshop is supported by Scottish Natural Heritage, the Scottish Government, FWAG and Landfill Tax Credit Scheme.