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Volunteers assist with sample collection for Loch Maree Wild Trout project

Posted: Friday 18 July, 2008 @ 08:36:27

Dugie Foreman returns a wildtrout to a hill loch above Loch Maree

Many thanks to David and Dugie Foreman for their help with collecting samples of brown trout for the Loch Maree Wild Trout Project [LMWTP]. This project, developed in colaboration with Dr Eric Verspoor of Fisheries Research Services and Dr Steve Kett of Middlesex University, aims to identify and map different wild trout populations within the River Ewe catchment area, including those that produce the famous Loch Maree sea trout. Many thanks to The Wild Trout Trust for sponsorship.

Further expeditions are planned to sample wild trout in the hills above Loch Maree. Please contact the WRFT Biologist if you would like to assist.