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Peat, trees or deer (for fish)? A workshop on river catchment management

Posted: Friday 10 March, 2023 @ 08:56:05

Erosion, bank collapse and unstable riverbed in Glen Douchary, May 2022

26th April 2023 Kinlochewe Village Hall

(with field excursion on 25th April)

1st notice

Wester Ross retains many important wild fish populations including those which support fisheries for salmon and sea trout.

However, some of these populations are facing an uncertain future because of problems within both marine and freshwater environments associated with climate change.

This workshop will focus on river catchment management.

In response to concerns about climate change, the Scottish Government and many NGOs are currently promoting peatland restoration (Peatland Action) and riparian habitat restoration (Riverwoods), both of which can help to protect juvenile salmon habitats from adverse impacts already being experienced. These include warmer summer water temperatures, and more frequent droughts and destructive high spate flow events.  

The workshop aims to review some of the challenges associated with protecting juvenile salmon habitats especially where the management of red deer for traditional sporting purposes is of high priority.

What are the solutions that can work well within the Wester Ross area?

We hope to share lessons learned from recent experiences, with examples of small-scale and  large-scale projects aimed at supporting and improving habitats for the production of juvenile salmon, red deer and other wildlife.

This workshop follows on from a workshop in 2016 entitled ‘Refertilising Wester Ross’ which also considered catchment habitat management issues affecting salmon and other wildlife.

For more information, please contact Peter Cunningham