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Response to Wester Ross MPA management consultation

Posted: Wednesday 28 January, 2015 @ 16:06:32

A response to the Scottish Government's consultation on the management of inshore SACs and Marine Protected Areas [MPAs] can be found via links on the downloads page or via the link below:

We welcomed this opportunity to provide comment on proposed fisheries management measures for the Wester Ross MPA[1]. However our view was that neither of the two possible management approaches outlined within the consultation document was adequate to protect even the habitats for which the MPA has been designated. There was little evidence of ambition to restore the productivity of coastal ecosystems.

This response to the consultation explains our concerns, calling for larger areas to be protected, particularly from scallop dredging. Seagrass beds should be added to the list of protected habitats within the MPA.

It also includes related proposals (for discussion) for a stepwise progression towards the development of a fisheries management system for the Wester Ross Marine Protected Area to achieve much more for wildlife conservation and habitat protection, and for restoring productive fisheries of much higher value (by £100,000s) for the benefit of all concerned.

Please contact the WRFT Biologist at if you have any comments on this reponse.


[1] Description and explanation of the two management approaches for Wester Ross MPA at

accompanying figures to go with the description of the management approaches at .