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Dundonnell River (Little Loch Broom) fyke net sea trout sea lice monitoring results

Posted: Wednesday 10 September, 2008 @ 15:21:51

Alasdair Macdonald checking the fyke net in the Dundonnell River in July 2008.

WRFT has operated a fyke net at the mouth of the Dundonnell River to monitor sea lice levels on early-returned sea trout during the early summer, each year since 1997. Until 2007, operation of the fyke net was supported with grant funding from the Tripartite Working Group (TWG) with in-kind support from Dundonnell Estate and Eilean Darach Estate. In 2008, the TWG turned down a request from WRFT for continued support for operating the fyke net. Instead, WRFT has received grant funding for a programme of sweep netting for sea trout as part of the TWG's Northwest Scotland Regional Project. Sweep netting results are expected to be published by the TWG in October.

In 2008 the Dundonnell Fyke net was funded and operated by Dundonnell Estate and Eilean Darach Estate. During the period from 7th June to 4th July, 20 sea trout were caught ranging in length from 130mm to 295mm. All but three of these fish carried sea lice. Three fish had over 100 sea lice. Details of catches can be found by clicking here. Many thanks to Dundonnell Estate and Eilean Darach Estates for permission to publish the results of lice monitoring.