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Spot the odd one out...

Posted: Monday 1 September, 2008 @ 13:45:15

Assorted wrasse and a sea scorpion (Ben Rushbrooke)

No, not the Long-spined sea scorpion (top right). The five other wrasse are similar - though the one on the middle right is brighter in colour than the other 4. I think it is a Rock cook and the others are Corkwing wrasse (you can just about make out their dark spot at base of caudal fin). Rock cooks act as cleaner fish on larger wrasse, including Ballan wrasse. All were taken during sweep net fishing for sea trout to monitor sea lice, at Boor Bay near Poolewe on 18th August. For a higher resolution picture please click here. All fish were returned to the sea after recovering from anaesthesis.

Sweep netting for sea trout is supported by the Scottish Government via the TWG.