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Wester Ross and Lochalsh Bio-security Plan Consultation

Posted: Thursday 4 March, 2010 @ 07:56:47

Wester Ross and Lochalsh Biosecurity Plan

Invasive non-native species (INNS) and biosecurity issues are of increasing concern in the Wester Ross and Lochalsh. In response to this the Wester Ross Fisheries Trust has prepared a bio-security plan for the local area. The plan focuses on species of concern to freshwater environments and fisheries. The Wester Ross and Lochalsh Biosecurity Plan consultation draft can be found on the downloads page of by clicking here.


This plan is the one of twenty that will be produced as part of a national level initiative supported by the Scottish Government, SNH, SEPA and the GB Non Native Species Secretariat, co-ordinated by Rivers and Fisheries Trusts Scotland (RAFTS) ‘Invasive Species Scotland’. We’ve also received input from members of the Wester Ross Environment Network (WREN). It is crucial to the success of the plan that there is broad level support at the local and national level. As such the Wester Ross Fisheries Trust is now circulating this draft plan to local stakeholders for their comment, general views on bio-security issues as well as the potential roles that they may have in addressing the INNS and bio-security issues in the Wester Ross Fisheries Trust area.


It would be useful for Wester Ross Fisheries Trust if your comments also addressed the following:

  1. Does the plan identify and address all the riparian and aquatic INNS and bio-security issues in the area?
  2. Which INNS and bio-security issues are priorities for you or your organisation?
  3. Do you agree with the actions and suggested lead partners?
  4. Is the information presented in the plan accurate and do you have additional information that could be included?
  5. Are there any activities addressing INNS and bio-security issues that your organisation is undertaking which should be given more prominence in this plan?
  6. Would you be willing to attend a meeting to discuss the plan after the consultation is complete?

Please send comments to Peter Cunningham at


The closing date for this consultation is Friday 2nd April.